Monday, March 7, 2011

Autograph Seekers Tips

Since it is the season (spring training, that is), I thought I would share some inside tips on successfully obtaining autographs at training camps.  While there are always tons of people at spring training games looking to get their own piece of memorabilia, there are certain things you can do to help stand out from the crowd.  Here are the best tips to get autographs with some of the roster’s best players:

  • Get to the park early.  Getting to the park several hours before the game allows you to view batting practice and gets you in front of the players at the beginning of their day when they are more likely to sign. They are often taking bp at the main ballpark (not the practice fields). They will usually come up to the fence to sign for fans.
  • Come prepared!  Bring baseballs and several pens (they get lost or stop working so bring a few) along with a bag to hold them.
  • If a player is signing, have the ball and pen out of the bag/box and ready to be signed.
  • Be respectful of the player whether they sign for you or not.  Don’t heckle them if you don’t get a signature.  You might get another chance later.
  • Always thank the player for a signature and their time.  Most players really do appreciate their fans, and probably get just as much of a thrill at meeting you as you do meeting them.
  • I have also had a bit of luck getting autographs or simply chatting with pitchers in the bullpen area of some stadiums during the games.  Again, be polite and respectful.  There may be times where pitchers can/will chat with you, and there may be times when they can’t.  Never heckle them if they can’t talk or sign.
  • When you have gotten an autograph, make sure you note it down.  I usually mark the box for the baseball I got signed and return the ball to that box.  This does two things: it protects the signature, which can smudge if not handled carefully, and it helps me figure out who signed the ball when I get home.  Some signatures will be almost illegible!

Most of all have fun getting autographs!  I love meeting the players and talking to them, as they all have different personalities.  The stories are worth so much more than the autograph!


  1. Pete, I LOVE the blog!

    Although I have a bunch of sports autographs that were given to me (like a ball signed by the 81-82 Yankees and a game stick signed by Mike Richter--my prized possession), there is no feeling like getting the autograph yourself! When I was about 16, I remember jogging around the dirt in the outfield at Shea to catch up with Ron Darling for an autograph!!! So much fun!!

    I can't wait to read more of your stories!!! And by the way...I went to THHS with Paige!! :-)

  2. Thanks Alice! It is the thrill of meeting the player that really drives me. I love to see their personalities off of the field and in real life.

    Paige has been encouraging me to share them as I have been doing this for almost 15 years and I have a lot of stories! If you want to share your Ron Darling story, shoot me an email and I will put you on as a guest blogger!